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    The New Amsterdam Club (NAC) is composed of experienced professionals, entrepreneurs & accredited investors with a targeted focus on investing in promising small firm acquisition opportunities.

    NAC is similar to an "Angel Investment" club but rather it focuses on profitable non-consumer small firms with $1m to $20m of revenue. The unique focus of the club enables entrepreneurs to timely and efficiently get access to a qualified and value-added investor base that has already committed to the club's strategy to deploy capital for small firm acquisitions.


    Club members have backgrounds across all industries and professional experience with leading firms including industry leading Investment Banks, Law Firms, Consulting Firms and Private Equity Firms. If you would like to be considered as a member or are an entrepreneur with an active opportunity please submit a message.


    Direct equity ownership of well managed small firms in durable industries with $1m to $20m of revenue offer favorable returns when diversified over a long-term liquidity horizon. Three strategic pillars are of unique focus, (1) the quality and commitment of the manager, (2) the resilience of the company and (3) the entry point valuation. Below is the general investment process the group facilitates:



    Through strategic partnership and member contributions, the club receives comprehensive deal flow to access hundreds of opportunities in this fragmented marketplace.



    The clubs organizational structure allows deals to be reviewed with a quick turnaround. A club quorum designates opportunities for additional discussions.



    Club leaders help to gather inquiries and deliver comprehensive and efficient due diligence as an aligned group.


    Target 20 to 50 deals per year

    All members can opt-in at their own discretion and have pro-rata access across members.


    5 to 10+ Year Investment Horizon

    Key Club members will often take a board seat in the companies the Club invests in to help oversee decision making, liquidity events and general ongoing Club interests.

  • "Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years."



  • Investment SCOPE

    Active deals seeking $250k to $5m equity or debt capital for small firm acquisitions.

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